Player Intentionally Feeding in Diamond despite multiple reports

To be honest I don't think the number of reports matter at all. Phreak specifically confirmed on his stream when he was talking about 4 man premades ganging up on solo players by threatening "We'll report you 4 times but you can only report us once" that their report only counts as 1.

Now I don't believe that their reports literally count as 1, but I think that it just tells the system to look at that particular game and if you report someone 9 times it just spams the system "Hey, look here" 9 times but since the first request is already enough the remaining 8 don't matter at all because the system isn't going to look at the same person 9 times for the same game, that would just be a waste of time.

So imagine if I spam 9 lines of "Hey, look here" right after eachother, the first line already triggers the request and the system is just going to ignore the rest of the 8 reports because the first one is enough to review the person / game already.

I'm pretty confident that it could be working close to that because the system is automated so giving weight on the amount of reports someone gets is not a consistent way to go about it because again they could be 4 other guys just ganging up on someone, so the system has to be set in a way where it bases the decisions on objective evidence instead of subjective.. And again Phreak also confirmed it that 4 reports counts the same as 1.

But yeah I'm probably wrong on a lot of things since I don't have any clue about the system but that's what I personally believe, that the amount of reports don't matter as long as 1 person does it.

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