Players say they randomly received 300K gold and a community moderator is casually congratulating them

I played Fallout 76 extensively at launch and it doesn't come close to what a trash fire New World is. I'm actually impressed, because 76 was undeniably, THOROUGHLY broken at launch. Every facet of the game was incredibly bugged and/or just incomplete. But New World? New World is somehow even worse.

The thing about 76 is that the devs built it into a fairly stable game, patch by patch. The game is now significantly less buggy than Oblivion and New Vegas, which is sort of a feat.

But New World? There has been no sign that the devs are capable of fixing the game. I don't think they have fixed ANY part of the game yet without completely destroying some other part of the game. They appear to be the most inept devs I have ever witnessed (ever, no exaggeration)--again, incredibly impressive when Blizzard and World of Warcraft are right there.

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