Players: "WG we're tired of everything requiring us to play T10!" WG:

Have you considered T10 ships might get more points than T5 ships to encourage players that have them to play them.

As if they don't have enough encouragement already from favored matchmaking(always top tier), the best perma camo, exclusivity in Clan Wars and upper tiered Ranked. We need more incentives for T10 players to play so T8 player gets treated even worse MM so that more of them FXP to T10, resulting in more income for WG.

The July "Most played ships" Stat shows that of the 10 most played ship in the game, 7 out 10 are T10 ship( and in June it was 6 out of 10), if you somehow still think there is not enough T10 being played, I recommend you go get your head examined.

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