Playing the menstruation card

I just think OP is whining about some random twat and blaming something way larger for her shitty behavior.

You do realize that I am the OP and you're replying to me, right?

And guys do dishonest shit to get laid all the time. What's your point?

Before I can explain my point better, let's just agree that your point is that girls should be allowed to play the period card, because guys lie to get laid? Because that's not an argument that will make society any better. That's an argument for a weaker society, imho. It's a corrosive approach to things.

To give you the benefit of the doubt here I'll explain why guys lie to get laid. In school, each guy is torn down every day by the teachers and by their expected roles. If a guy is great at sports he is lacking in school smarts, or vice versa but both types of guys are made to feel shame for where they are lacking. They see their parents and teachers cutting corners to get ahead and the pattern sticks so they tell some lies and then more lies to have to cover up other lies. The kind of breeding rituals that human beings undertake are all about dishonesty. Guys go to clubs to get drinks and buy drinks for girls to impress them to get lucky. That's certainly one method and it's definitely not the ONLY method. Like you can be a good person, and work hard in your career or in school and a nice girl who isn't poisoned by all the bullshit could meet you and you could have a happy life together. That happens every day.

So not every guy has to lie to get laid but the pressures of society definitely make guys try to seem better than they really are in order to impress a girl enough to make her want to sleep with him.

I see that as a shitty pattern that is so ingrained in our society. It would be better if we could cure the people caught up in that bullshit.

This bitch OP is talking about used her period card because that's the excuse she had. If she was a dude he'd probably make up some other dumbass excuse or try and alpha you out of the seat.

Again, I am the OP and I'm not a bitch. I'm a human being with intelligence and emotional stability and a strong moral core.

If she was a dude he'd probably make up some other dumbass excuse or try and alpha you out of the seat.

This is bullshit. No dude has EVER fucking tried to force me to change seats on an airplane ever in my personal history. How many guys would? I don't think this kind of thing happens.

But let's explore this. What if it was her boyfriend who asked me for some reason? Say he said he has irritable bowel syndrome and would need to potentially run to the bathroom immediately or explode in the seat? Would you change seats for that guy? Would you risk NOT changing seats for that guy?

I would definitely give that guy the seat. I wouldn't feel bad. If he didn't get up and run to the toilet it might be because my giving him my seat made him feel better and calm enough that he didn't have to do so.

I don't think the same logic fits the period card.

FYI: If you try to be alpha on a plane you're gonna have a bad time.

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