[Playoffs Quotes Thread] Ayton: "It felt like a regular season game with the amount of mistakes we had. The turnovers. Terrible, unacceptable. It’s that type of game where it was just unacceptable, man."

I think we’ll definitely bounce back at home especially after last night’s performance. You’re not wrong but when you break the franchise record in W’s and call yourself the best team in the world, expectations will rise. I worry that we kinda look burnt out mentally. This isn’t the team that we watched all year - mostly on the road. Maybe, we got too complacent? Last year, we were trying to prove ourselves to the league and attacking teams. Now teams are trying to prove themselves against us and we’re just taking the hits and trying to stay consistent to what we’ve been doing all year long. Gotta have the same hunger as last year. Confident we’ll be fired up next game and come out ready tho

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