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I certainly agree about the tax loopholes. Plenty of big ceo's have even said they would pay tax after all, the money doesn't affect their pay packet Yet they can't, until they are all closed as they need to be able to compete. Taxing one company 90% and letting another get away with paying none, will have an obvious effect. We would need a near global agreement that loopholes are no longer acceptable. Still, it could be done. We live in a better time than ever to make it happen.

But for the individuals wanting a higher tax bracket for the rich, than one for the poor. It isn't really hypocritical other than on paper, as you could word it differently and have the same outcome.

Instead of taxing everyone at 70%, which would leave those on 100k with only 30k. You put a cap on the amount an individual can earn. An agreed figure that 99% would be behind. Say for eg you can't earn more than 12m a year regardless of who you are.

Above that figure and it all goes into the pot.

If a million dollars a month isn't enough for some people, id argue that they were a little greedy. Is it really going to stifle anyone enough to where people just stop trying. Doubtful.

Then tax everyone else at a fair amount.

Would be interesting to see the figures of how much that would bring in.

But until then you need to tax according to income. You can't tax someone on 10k a year 70% and expect them to survive on 3k. Or even 100k and leave them with 30k

If you earn 10mill and are taxed 70% you have 3mill to live on for a year.

What is left over is what counts, not how much you take.

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