Please, Call It What It Is: Fascism

fascism is defined as "national rebirth" without 2/3rd's votes of the congress of the nation that the fascists are leaving from,

the iraq and afghanistan and libyan and syrian and yemen wars are fascist

the cia's regime change is fascist

jan 6 was fascist

stop the steal is fascist

the response to crt has been fascist

the republican party and democratic party are both minority ruling in a "democracy" with not much more than a fifth of votes they enact policy for the entire nation, which is fascism

the thing about acknowledging fascism is admitting where in our own party fascist beliefs are commonplace like our defense votes to sanction syria for defending themselves from a US proxy coup d'etat, enacting policy for a whole ass other country is not only an act of war by international law but also fascist.

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