"please cook for me"..... OK if you pay me for it.....

I wasn’t in the industry when my husband and I got together, but my cooking only hit the fast forward button to us getting married. He spent 7 years with a woman who could only burn eggs, so it wasn’t exactly hard. But the food I’ve cooked for my husband in the beginning of our relationship was his path into paradise…Which I of course ripped out from underneath him once I started working BOH FT because you become married to the job and the sight of my kitchen at home would literally make my skin crawl.

His discovery of my MANY after-shift dinners of microwaved hot dogs with rice and ketchup and catching me in the alley on my break scarfing down trash mise from a deli container showed him the other side of the culinary coin. In reality, it made him much more grateful for the meals I would cook him, especially now that I’ve left BOH, because he’s seen the garbage I am capable of feeding myself.

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