Please create a Settlement Overseer desk in settlements to manage citizens and tasks.

Sorry but, aren't you new to the modding community? Let me address some of your points.

So, why is modding ANY different from this? It's not.

It is, because the community says it is. Modders who have actually made great mods came together, along with the community, and everybody said "This is not the way we want to do things" - See Forever Free on Nexus. The Creation kids have been putting out AMAZING free content since, I imagine, before you've even heard of Bethesda or their mod kit. The Creation Kids are just one example, of course. Who are you, who have created nothing to my knowledge, to say "I'm disapointed I can't make money with this" - No one cares bro.

Right now the only people who can 'get into' modding are the people who are making steady enough an income to do it as a bonus 'pet project'.

TL;DR - "I don't want to get a job. I want to use this medium which has been historically free to make money, and I'm sour that I don't have that ability"

It's just silly to shudder at the concept of "marketing". It's already there and exists with free mods

Free mods. Free.

If people DO still buy it and it sticks around, WHO CARES? Nobody's forcing you to buy it, you'll have to see and ignore crappy content like you already ignore crappy games and apps... MEANWHILE the good stuff gets to flourish and get bigger and better.

The good stuff already does flourish and get bigger and better. Skyrim came out in 2011 and the best mods are still getting updates. A project is going to be coming out soon, called "The rise of Mannimarco" and it's DLC sized. Remember how I said skyrim came out in 2011? You're projecting, hard.

The community won't miss you if you don't make mods because you can't monetize them, trust me. Flush that ego and realize you're stepping into an already well-established world where hard working people have been putting out content for well over a decade.

Sorry if it comes off as dickish, but I feel you are severely disrespecting the people who have been doing this for a long time and haven't asked for anything.

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