Please critique my profile

Tech specs:

Okay, this is kind of cute, but it could use more space between "My Self Summary" and "Tech Specs" and less between everything else.

Happy human being looking to share his happy life.

Gross. I don't like happy people. But are you looking to date depressed misanthropes, or happy people? Keep it.

50-50 chance of Sundays being spent lazing in bed, or enjoying the great outdoors; 100% chance of brunch.

This sub has caused me to develop an appreciation for brunch.

Can teach you how to play your favorite classic rock song on the guitar.

I doubt it. I have sausage fingers. But this is kinda cute and very efficient, demonstrating your like and desire for classic rock fans, and that you're a musician, and will teach.

Thinks he's an American Idol winner in the shower. Actually sounds like a dying walrus.


More snarky on internet forums; more adorable in person.

Due to insider knowledge this is amusing, but I think you should take it out. To someone else it just looks kinda weird.

I've lived in SF since '08. I was away for a couple of years, living down in Palo Alto and then in France (in Bordeaux,

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