“Please don’t treat us like mechanics” -Doctors/EMS

Lord knows I will end up deleting this seemingly irrelevant comment.

However, for what it is worth to whomever reads it; in the real-world L.A. is one of the few places in the United States that has the capacity to send firefighters to abroad to a nation like Australia. Last I checked with my Chief (IRL) and asked him about the policies/resources surrounding such things he mentioned he believes there are only two cities in the U.S. that have those resources (presumably the other is NYC).

With that said, for two Aussies to want to RP firefighters as their nation is currently on fire (as mentioned by them if one presses 'continue watching') and for someone with little to no ethics beyond being self-absorbed in a RP power trip is bizarre, especially considering that LA/LS happens to be one of the few places where they can lend firefighters to Australia. Additionally, it is a reoccurring thing for numerous different nations to send their military, cops, firefighters or EMS to the USA (and visa versa) for training. Jackhuddo and his friend in this clip are actually onto a possibly onto a really wholesome idea for the RP of LS, only for it to be shutdown immediately and 'blacklisted'.

Poor lads. Perhaps some of the RP players should come back into touch with the real world or perhaps even train in x field IRL for a better perspective of the ethics, leadership and overall commendatory held between both EMS and Fire in particular.

(with that said, if they do take that into consideration cops hate firefighters and visa versa especially at on-scene accidents due to the Firefighters routinely driving through the debris field/to-be investigation on x accident. It would be hilarious to watch two crack-joke Aussies muck up some crime scenes.

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