Please don't ride in a manner that would improve safety for you and your group

i have no idea what im talking about yet you avoided most of my points, if someone is behind 5 cyclists taking up a lane YOU are saying it is smarter to have the car behind them slow down 20-30 mph so the cyclist can enjoy their casual weekly monday morning bike ride while the car left their house on time did nothing wrong but yet will be punished and made late possibly costing them a job because some cyclists think they run the world, the only reason you think i dont know what im talking about is because you are stuck in the new gen way of thinking which is "im the only thing or person in this world that matters if it bothers me fix it if it offends me cancel it, if it effects me negatively in any way shape or form get rid of it entirely and do it my way because im a pussy" so the next time you and your little bike buddies are taking up a whole road lane just think about the other persons schedule because maybe they dont get that freetime to bike like your privileged self or maybe someone requires medical attention in their car and if they honk to attempt to get around you, im sure you and your little bike buddies would be quite offended by them honking maybe causing you to victimize yourself some more and its a full circle for new gen pussies

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