Please don't shut down Outlook

One department I worked for had a private server, an old desktop in a closet. It was underpowered, crappy, and the hard drive was miniscule, so a 1U replacement was sourced for proper installation in a test rack.

The coworker in charge composed a good-bye notice the day of flipping it over.

Just to let everyone know, I'll be putting Dusty down this afternoon.

While this should hopefully only impact Icecast, Dusty had some other services:

FTP: Various files from the Office migration, printer manuals. 
HTTP/Apache: Looks like a year old mirror of the website.
Samba: Lots of users, lots of old files. 
SSH: I appear to be the only active user, but you never know!

I'll be nice and keep a backup for now. 

Silicon to silicon, Dusty is toast. May she rest in peace. 

Aaaand then he emailed it to everyone in the building instead of just the ten of us.

He got dozens of replies, ranging from the sane "Oh, you guys still had that running? Can I get the info for the new one?" to the WTF "Condolences on the loss of your pet. I know how hard that can be."

The best was the huge reply-all missive from someone in the marketing group, who wrote page upon page on how turning off the company website would cost us millions of dollars. He then segued into a tirade about how no one ever runs changes past him before making them, and that our department was obviously full of small minded people running the company into the ground by breaking things and wasting time on stuff no one cares about. To close, he threatened to quit if we touched Office.

My coworker didn't even have to reply. Mr Marketing's boss did.

they dont need your permission.
get back to work or you won't have to worry about quitting. 
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