"Please gib X tank or X plane)

I post Gaijin please stuff, but I don't do it because I think things are broken. I have however, only posted stuff for Italy. This is because I think Italy is one of those nations that is given very little attention from Gaijin (all the recent GF things aside) in terms of new vehicles.

Take a look at their plane tree for example. We're coming up on about 2 years since they were added, and they still lack planes at mid / high tier for a good lineup, and have only had 9 tech tree additions. That is not to say Italy has it the worst, I would argue France has it worse off, I think their air tree is the most forgotten one in game. Or Japan with their tank tree. I do have to agree though, there are some posts that are 'funny' vehicles that wouldn't fit in the game that seem a waste of a post.

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