Please girls don't scare boys like this.

A while back this girl asked out a kid who was the least popular in the class.he thought that she was serious,turns out that she was just playing him for a fool a week later when she basically humiliated the guy in front of some people by telling a bunch of lies about him which people believed since they went out. He probably felt really embarrassed and may now have trust issues.

A few months later the same girl tried that same shit to me but I said no immediately since its pretty obvious that she tried to make fun of me and I just don't have any crush or any romantic feelings for anyone.

I personally think that dating is not a good idea at that age as it would be just a means of boosting your popularity or some shit. When I think about it,I'm probably the most unpopular kid after the person whom I just talked about.

This is one of the reasons why boys have trust issues and are normally hesitant to accept people's confessions

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