[Please help if you can] How to assure complete privacy?

Bought a $20 wallet code. Nah I can't state where I live if the stalker sees this reddit post by chance I am already doxxed to shit... I live in the Middle East, gonna delete this post eventually.

I have a $20 wallet card now. I have a question:

I made a steam account 1 week ago with new credentials and used my parent's visa card to add funds but I don't feel safe using it. Although the stalker doesn't know it exists.

I am going to create a new email, and a new steam account with my $20 wallet. I hope I can afford the games I want to play by summer sale... I really feel sad that I don't have enough money to play the games I used to play :(.

Can I use my 2 steam accounts at once without spoiling that shit? If my 7 days old account gets compromised for some reason, the other won't because it uses seperate emails and shit, RRRrright?

Should I also add myself on my alt (gonna be primary) account?

Again, there's no reason my stalker has that extreme skill to trace me all the way through, but this is paranoia I can't get rid of.

What do you recommend? How to assure my new account/s are going to be as private as possible?

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