Please help me.

I feel like whatever monetary benefit he would get from using the delivery service isn't even remotely worth the damage his attitude causes you. Take a deep breath, engage all of your senses in this moment, leave the house and go to a park if you need to, and clear your head of the issue. This isn't a major issue, nor does it require immediate attention. Chill on it for a bit and be patient with yourself as you find your inner peace.

I also agree with /u/rainbow_drab, and I want to share a story related to it.

A long time ago, me and some buddies were playing basketball in a park. A couple guys we met at the park were playing with us, and one of the men in particular had a special needs child. Well, after we're done playing I notice my phone is missing, and one of the guys says the child had it. The father immediately apologized and said he probably threw it somewhere since he throws basically everything he touches. We looked for a while but couldn't find it.

For a small moment I was pretty upset, but a friend of mine said something to the effect of "It's what, $100 to replace? Bad stuff happens, you know? But in terms of bad things happening this really isn't that bad." It calmed me down super quick and it ended up not being a big deal at all because it never actually was in the first place.

When you told your husband you forgot, your husband was faced with a choice. He could have understood that this is a simple accident and not that big of a deal at all, he could have chosen to support you. Instead, he chose to get angry at you, he chose to try to make you feel bad for taking care of your mental health because you didn't do it in the way that he wanted, or in a way less convenient for him.

And you say this isn't an isolated incident.

Not gonna try to tell you what you should do one way or the other, but from my personal experience the best thing I ever did for my mental health was excise the people that were damaging it.

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