please help me spruce up my resume (ignore the use of double column, more details about my situation in the comment section)

Please help me land a job in the US with my 3 years of experiece from my home country (somwhere in developing asia). I am moving to the US in a few months but have no job prospects yet, so I thought of applying to LinkedIn job posts and sending my resume ahead of our departure. Regarding this, I am planning to put in my resume my soon to be US address (city and state) instead of my current address to get through the initial screening, then I'll just explain my situation to the interviewer once I get book for an interview.

Bulk of my experience is in the Market Research Industry (more market analysis and report delivery, no codes and BI stuff) and am currently aiming to fully pivot to Data Analytics but I am still building my portfolio. My projects will be added on the black column on the left just below my contact details once I am confident enough to include them.

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