Please help save my marriage!

Your post made me laugh! In my situation I am TL40 and he is TL34. He doesn't play anymore but will join a raid if he is with me (almost never when I'm playing during the day). I have a lot more raids completed than he does.
The first time he got a pass, I thought it was a good opportunity to practice my throw at Mewtwo. The second time (this coming Tuesday), I just shrugged it off - we were in the same lobby and he was lucky and I wasn't. And then last night he got his third pass and I'm still sitting here with none. He thought it's hilarious as he doesn't play and doesn't care.
I got over it last night pretty quickly because it's not as if I can do anything more than I am to try and get a pass. All three times he's got one it was his first ever raid at that particular gym. I've given up wondering at why! He feels bad for me (after the hilarity died down), but at the end of the day we both shrug and get on with the more important things. My pass will come... one day!

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