Please help a young guy sort with this trauma (Rant/advice needed)

No worries dude. Just trying to be honest. They stop giving effort when they are not interested in you in the way that you want them to be.

You’re right, lockdown makes everything a lot more difficult, but you will forget about her eventually if you try to follow my advice.

Trust me, I got out of a 3.5 year relationship last month because she cheated and left me for another guy. I didn’t take her back when she cheated, but I could tell a couple months before we broke up that she stopped giving a fuck about me, and I still stuck around because I thought it would get better. It never does. Once you accept that what you had with her is done, and that it won’t ever be any type relationship again, you will be a lot happier. You will get self respect back.

Yeah, you lost her respect, but look at it this way, there are billions of women out there that you have a completely clean slate with. You can make them respect you, and a big part of that is learning how to be emotionally unavailable to the women that come in your life. I learned this because I experienced it first hand. The moment I became too emotionally available and kept telling her how I feel, things went south for me. I started getting less sex, I started driving an hour out just to see her, (instead of the other way around like it was for the first couple years), I was doing all these favours for her meanwhile she was already thinking about the next guy.

I noticed my mistakes when I compared me being too emotionally available towards my ex to my father’s successful marriage. He has never once told my mother he loves her even though she always says it to him, he has never cried in front of her, and he is always the most calm guy in the room, he doesn’t really show his true emotions. She takes good care of him. They have been together for nearly forty years and she has never cheated on him.

Study the the dating game, reflect on your mistakes, and apply what you learned to your next relationship. If you stay on top of your shit and remain emotionally unavailable, there is a good chance that the next girl will not leave you. And if she does leave you, you won’t give a fuck because you didn’t invest too much into her emotionally. Cheers man. Good luck.

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