Please Nintendo, rerelease Wind Waker and Twighlight Princess HD for the Switch

3 good Nintendo games, I think you don’t know how to read. Feel free to list any I forgot that came out before June 2019. And based on your arguments, “all the good games are old”, also seen by the amount of people who post about Paper Mario TTYD yesterday and all the people talking about Mario Sunshine or Mario Galaxy in the thread. So in that case, you can get a GC for $40 and then allllllllll the ancient games your nostalgia-blinded heart can think of for $30 or less.

Honestly I think most of this sub would be happier buying a GC and getting the games they played as a kid based on how much of a jerk there is over old games here. “Rererelease TP” “Rererelease OOT” “Rererelease Bubsy 3D” that’s probably more than half the posts here smh my head

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