stats: image here Hardrock Specialized multiple gears front fender, back bag rack sporty looking black and white seat with red line elongated handlebars with blue/white grips This is a plea for help. Yesterday between 5:30pm and 9:30am this morning someone went to my driveway up in the hills in South Eugene, Oregon and stole the yellow bike seen in this picture from inside my car. There were other things stolen but this is all I care about. I have filed a police report but my chances of finding it without help are slim to none. I ride my bike almost every day. I should have taken it out, I am almost positive I had locked the car doors but when I went out this morning it was gone and my stuff was rifled through. I feel embarrassed, violated and helpless- George, my bike brought me through a lot of things over the last several years. I am grateful the person never entered my house but please, out of everything taken, this is all I want back. contact:

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