Please share your reviews of Puzhu please..

Obviously at the risk of sounding condescending, the online reviewers (barring Mallu Analyst who may or may not like this film) are mostly supremely pathetic. They are on a quest to who uploads first instead of actually putting out good content while they demand quality content from the films they are reviewing, at times even outside the theatre, so they don't lose out on a few hits ( unni vlogs, monsoon media, iq media malayalam, news portals like the news minute, manorama, mathrubhumi, dool news all included).

With Puzhu, it would be unfair to say the movie might detract viewers based on its politics because just a few weeks ago people were flocking to Jana Gana Mana (mediocre film) which was much more literal in what it was saying compared to Puzhu. Misleading marketing could make some viewers dislike the film (there were talks about the movie (also) being about pedophilia and while makers didn't come out and say this, it would definitely disappoint viewers who might have expected a much darker movie. The Islamophobia of Mammootty's character also seems to have been fitted in at the last minute.

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