Please speak to your kids.

It is extreme to people who are ignorant, a light slapping wouldn’t even be considered to be BDSM to most. Even though SOME people are knowledgeable about it, there’s still a vast majority of people who do just picture about extreme forms of sadism & think you’re peeling your husbands skin off every Monday. The marriage line is supposed to be a joke, hyperbolic. Whether you like it or not the “whole spice up your failing marriage with kinky sex!” Is a thing, people genuinely believe sex is a cure all for issues in a relationship.

This was just written in the heat of the moment and I should’ve written it better but oh well! but that’s what a lot of teenagers are doing, they’re given the same shitty advice, except their 13. If a teenager hasn’t yet learned respect and boundaries and is already told “hey just immediately spice up your romantic life with sex and some kink! you’ll be fine!” If they’re immediately skipping the basic blocks of any relationship and immediately participating into “extreme” forms of pleasure. Do you not see what that can cause?

Majority are participating in unsafe situations and forms of BDSM play because it’s either a) I have to do x,y,z because they’ll leave me and/or b) it’s genuinely considered “cool” rn and if you don’t participate in it you’re a prude, screw your boundaries! You are built to serve me! Misogyny is still rampant we couldn’t cure it in less than 20 years. Soz.

I’m not arguing for teenagers to be celibate and demanding them to cover up. You’re completely missing the point because you thought I was shaming you for being an adult with a regular normal kink. I’m arguing against teenagers who are rampantly participating in unsafe sex and BDSM play because they’re ignorant about safety, using BDSM as therapy to release their anger ( occasionally it can be helpful but if it’s left unchecked it could make them worse), teenagers are using sex to fix failing relationships, we’ve had these same problems for centuries. Terrible relationships are bad enough, y’all likely already had bad relationship experiences without the chains. If we haven’t fixed the ROOT of the problem, adding BDSM to it is going to make it worse. I’m asking you to teach them consent.

I’m tired of teenagers crying that they’re boyfriend went to far, and that they’re scared. Bloody hell I shouldn’t even have to be explaining some of this is should be obvious.

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