Please Talk Me Down

His behavior is completely unacceptable. I have a theory that may offer you some comfort- I think a lot of doctors are really on edge about any sentences beginning with “ I read on the internet that xyz “ because of all the misinformation being spread about COVID.

Ive definitely had to come up with other ways to refer to information I found on the internet for this reasons. The word “internet” specifically I think can be a bit of a trigger. So I don’t think this is your fault at all.

But anyway, his behavior was still unacceptable and I totally understand why you’re stressed.

I think that any good rheumatologist worth their salt knows that Sjogrens is often seronegative. I think if you talk about your drying symptoms and describe the how debilitating they were, that and the ANA should be enough.

They still might ask you to get a lip biopsy just so that they have a test that definitely confirms it. Is getting a lip biopsy an option for you?

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