Pls DONT do that

The reason that it's difficult to determine what a teammate or opponent's skill level is has more to do with family share on Steam and whatever it's called on consoles than much of anything else. Why does Psyonix allow infinite free accounts so players like OP can hop into low rank games and ruin the experience for new players just so they can make a new clip? Any defender equally skilled to OP would have gone for the bump too or simply stripped the ball away while OP messed around. His teammate can almost aerial but every comment stroking OP's ego has commented that he was gonna be off anyways so we know he wasn't a high ranked player. Smurfs ruin games more than hacking, griefing and lag combined.

PUBG is a terrible game full of corruption and cheating and even they disabled online play with family share. It should be basic practice for devs to toggle that switch. Just a suggestion. Personally, I once got a 24-hour ban because I'm too weak to resist getting mad at smurfs in chat. Oh look, just me playing 30 seconds later and now in placements again... intentionally going half throttle so new and noobish players don't get turned off this game by the plague of smurfs who flex their micro e-chodes in low rank games. How does nobody think about themselves starting out or the community in general?

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