POC - Expelled first week of school - AITA

OK I see the difference in why you RT quitting the situation since they have different triggers therefore, you feel they were destined to have different outcomes.

I think the active route if anything would be changing the conduct system.

Because the legal system ran its course and got the best legal solution possible.

I still don’t like the idea of anyone feeling that they should ever not call the police in whatever they deem is an emergency.

the reason I bring up being a pacifist is that objectively, the only thing that could make the situation better what if expulsion was not the result. That has nothing to do with the whistleblower, has nothing to do with the police, it’s all to do with the conduct panel. Starting a war against whoever blew a whistle is the opposite of pacifism, because pacifism only engages in conflict if there is an end goal.

Maybe a better compromise would be convincing more students to join the conduct panels cause they look for volunteers.

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