POCD: so scared that i don’t have ocd or im gradually developing what i think i am i’m thinking of killing myself to stop it

One of OCD's most potent tricks is to convince the sufferer that it's real.

I'm on Week 3 of my OCD trying to convince me that I molested my little brother by committing the atrocious act of... hugging him. Every time I begin to enjoy life my mind tells me I'm a monster who doesn't deserve happiness and that I need to kill myself or turn myself into the authorities. It's calmed down over time but today has been one of the rough days.

Remind yourself of what you know to be truth: "I am not a monster. I am not a pedophile. I am suffering from a mental illness that tries to convince me that I am these things. That is the OCD talking, not me". This strategy has helped me tons over the last few weeks.

Take it easy on yourself. You deserve to live, and to prosper.

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