A poem I wrote. Anyone feel it?

My girlfriend said the same things about waiting for me to be gone so she could end it. :(

Those are the scariest words to hear..

She broke up with me today :(

You are right about love being torn. But if he is anything like me, he would hopefully say it's never too late to fix things. He would hopefully understand that you are not the problem, the problem is inside of you.

If he is a good person and you are both willing to listen. Please remember these words.

A relationship is a team, it is not supposed to be a him or a you thing but an us thing.

It is supposed to be you and him against the problem. If he loves you and you love him I urge you to try and tackle this as a team. Please don't push him away so you can end it.

Honestly this is me venting more to my ex and probably not directed at you specifically :/

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