[Poetry] No purple lightsaber?

Oh and purple-hair lady

It's kinda funny how people make such a big deal out of her hair. We've got talking squids but dyed hair is what you fixate on?

He was the only character with some level of mystery that they could have written around, and instead they just discarded him after him being hyped up as this mysterious figure in TFA.

This depends on how you reacted to TFA. Personally, I thought the mysteries that it set up- Snoke, Rey's parents, etc.- were boring and uninteresting. So the way TLJ dealt with them was great, to me, because we ended up not needing whatever wacky explanation Abrams intended for Snoke and avoided Rey just being another Skywalker (until the next movie, anyway). Plus I thought it worked better for the themes and character arcs. But for those who found the mysteries appealing I can see how it would be disappointing.

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