Poilievre compares Trudeau to ‘shady contractor’ as leaders spar over affordability

I really hate this repeated counter of “but that’s what the provinces/cities/someone else should be dealing with.”

Think of the country as a business. You have the regular, bottom of the ladder employees (the citizens). Above them is their direct manager (municipality). It is the direct managers job to accommodate, provide training, and manage all those employees. Above those direct managers are upper management (provincial government), whose job it is to manage those managers (among other things). Above that upper management is the owners (federal government), whose job it is to make sure upper management is keeping the business running smoothly.

Now, if all those employees go to the owner and tell them “management and upper management are both refusing to do their jobs, the company is crumbling and damn near everyone here is having some severe mental health consequences” most owners aren’t just going to go “oh that sucks hope shit gets better for you byyyyeeee” like arguments such as yours justify the federal government doing. Most owners are going to go “oh snap, my business is going to fail which is going to hurt me a whole lot in the long run if I don’t hold the managers accountable for not doing their jobs.”

That’s all we want the feds to do. We don’t necessarily want them to roll up their sleeves and implement these fixes themselves, we just want the problems to actually be fixed. So the feds need to do their job and look out for the citizens of the country; in this case that means holding the provinces and cities accountable and actually making (or helping) them find workable solutions to these massive issues.

Oh, and maybe do that before making the problem worse by bringing in way too many new people that our current infrastructure can not support because that’s just as unfair to those newcomers as it is to all the people who our infrastructure is already failing to support.

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