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Well I would have to agree with you although maybe not as intense. 1st campaign we did where we were making our own characters and you could roll stats or if you didn't like them then you could take the pre-done stats in the book (15, 13, 13, 12, 10, 8 or something like that, lent out the PHB so don't have them exact).

Well one player rolls insanely good stats. After racial bonus they had 16, 16, 16, 15, 15, 10. This is at level one. They could do anything better than or at least the same as anyone else. I lucked out in that their 10 stat is Charisma and my character focuses on that so I have a 16, the other players also have low Charisma so I actually have an aspect of the game that the others need to rely on me for. Otherwise I feel a bit bad for the two other players, 3 players are combat orientated and the one player with God stats has the most HP, 2nd highest AC (only because one player finally was able to buy heavy armor), and does the most damage in melee too. It doesn't seem right that the one player character can do almost everything better than everyone else and we are just toting along for the ride and to be human shields when there are multiple enemies. Bad thing too is that God player is also the most power gamey/min-max player in the group...uses all abilities to boost combat potential and nothing to help the group. Player has 5-6 spells due to race and class and has used maybe 2 and we are at level 5. When looking at spells I was thinking of taking Pass Without Trace since 1 player has disadvantage on stealth due to heavy armor and the other is just awful at it. Cue god player saying, "oh I have that spell". Me: "Really, since when?". God player: "level 3"..... Really?!?! We have players that move as quietly has rock slides on mountains of glass and you haven't cast that spell once in 2 levels you have had it?!?! Well yeah it's because they burn spell stuff to do more damage in combat.

Sorry I got on a rant, but I think the point is that rolling stats, especially depending on the player and the roll can mean a bad imbalance for the party. When I DM our next campaign we are NOT rolling!

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