Pointed Pen Practice (a bit rusty)

I am bit late to the party, but perhaps you might be still interested in some contructive feedback.

I really like the composition of your work; combining Engrosser's Script and Ornamental Penmanship is my current favorite combination.

I am going to comment on the OP part of your work; but please do not overestimate my words, I am just a zealous apprentice of OP. Some example images I use come from (one of my previous posts)[ https://www.reddit.com/r/Calligraphy/comments/69mya7/ornamental_penmanship_visual_analysis/]

Letter forms:

  • As already mentioned before, the shading of the stems of t and d should stop around the height of the small letters. (cf. http://imgur.com/tjRHYKs)
  • The loops are often too slanted (cf. http://imgur.com/muRYTbt). In one of the old teaching books I read, that the loops will "define the slant" of the whole page. So achieving the correct slant of the loops will especially help the preceived consistency of the whole specimen. To be precise: Your loop finally (at the bottom) has the right slant, but this occurs too late. Try to meet the slant line at a higher point and follow it way down. Compared to the height of the small letters and the t, your loops may even be bigger. This might also help to get the right slant at a higher point.
  • Assuming that you want to attain the "classical" shape of the W: LIOP 36, like ending t

unknown: n more slanty, and more rounded than u known: knows river of dreams, 2 line where to start connecting stroke coming from o or w unknown: missing shading

Letterform of k

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