PokemonGo Changed My Mother

I think I'm late to the party but I'll add that; I was 11 when Pokemon came out here, and I was (and have been the whole time) massively into it, I'm talking pikachu birthday cakes, every gift was Pokemon related, my first three cosplays were Pokemon based, I bonded with my best friends over Pokemon (since drifted apart)

My mother had to ride the wave of obsession with me, granted it was my dad who sat me down and asked me to explain what a Pokemon actually... Was, but mum bought those gifts, made those cakes, held me when I cried about kids being mean about being a nerdy girl, stitched my Halloween costume back up when bullies pulled off my pikachu tail.

All. Of. It.

And for her, Pokemon was the last thing I did where I didn't care how stupid it made me look, I was going to do what made me happy.

Then I grew up, learned how to hide my passions and get along with the world, I still got awesome Pokemon gifts from my husband but they went straight into my office display cabinet, instead of on the mantle where I wanted them.

Then mum heard about Pokemon go, she called me and told me to download it, and I'll tell ya! I resisted.

I didn't want to open that can of worms, sure there have been girls running around in pikachu onesies for years, being cheered at for loving nostalgia and getting the kind of praise that comes with being part of something awesome.

And yes, things are not perfect for girls in nerd culture still but it was brutal when I was a teen, I made my own pikachu onesie and was pushed on some train tracks by a kid dressed as goku for my efforts.

Getting back on topic, mum took me to my local park to show me everyone playing, I downloaded then and there, and she says I'm more me than I've been in years.

So I guess that might answer your question...?

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