The police are NOT there for you. But in reality, they are not there for the elites, either. Most of them are there for themselves. Recognizing this opens the strategic possibility of subverting the security forces.

I stopped reading after your first novel length paragraph.

You desire conflict as a part of the social change you hope to see. Therefore, it makes sense that you don’t value putting in the (admittedly hard) work of helping ALL human brethren understand our global predicament, responsibility, and action plan. That preserves an “other” group for you to maintain conflict against. That’s

I don’t expect anyone to act rationally. I expect people from all walks of like will be forced to confront unpleasant realities and change their behavior. When they do, will you then help them survive and thrive, or will you spit in people’s faces? Loving humans, loving and respecting life globally is the whole fucking point of saving the planet you misanthrope.

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