Police officer beaten down in Washington DC. He died later that day

seems like the past few years, there has been an effort in turning 'antifascism' in to a pariah philosophy or outlook. when, for decades prior, 'antifascism' was basically the default worldview. Years of american propaganda and history of beating the nazis was our way of saying "yep, we're antifascist."

But only the recent years did htat switch. It was a good trick, really. Taking a widespread belief and ideology, and alienate it. The group most behind it and most happy about this has been...the fascists, unsurprisingly.

Now, they'll blame anTIfa for it, and bring up several arguments.

But to offer some counter arguments, my favorite has to be John Day, Oregon. About 10 years ago, this right leaning town in a right leaning county of eastern oregon banded together and kicked neo nazis out of town. The Aryan Nations saw John Day as a suitable place for a head quarters and wanted to buy land. Locals got wind of it. Good, God fearing conservative locals banded together and said "Hell fucking no". they organized town meetings, and the Aryan Nations found no shelter in John Day.

A town that votes like 70-90 percent conservative, pulled one of the more impressive antifascist actions in the past decade. But you won't hear about that story very often. I like to tell this story because antifascism ought to be a big tent, that is inclusive of everyone except fascists.

Now that was a decade ago. I don't know if such organization is possible in modern John Day. Times change. But its still an interesting history of how big tent antifascism can be.

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