Police Officers who have arrested other police officers, what's the story?

Recently took my concealed carry class in FL. Found out that it isn't just me I can defend. I can intervene with any crime in which the outcome is likely death. Something like that. So basically, in theory, I see a dude literally getting beaten to death, I can take the shot on the perp. See a woman getting raped, yeah, go for it, shoot the literal fucker. At 7-11 buying beer and some dudes roll up with a shotgun aimed at the cashier over $20 in change, go ahead and spend the $40 in hollow points taking them out. Never really realized how important carrying could be. Always just looked at it as an easy way to diffuse a traffic stop when on the way to/from the range or to make buying/selling easier at a gun show. Still, am 99% sure it will just be the easy buy and less-hassle traffic stops that wil be handy.

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