Police of Reddit. During a raid, what do you do if the suspect is pooping?

story time!!! not a cop but i was pooping when cops knocked on my door. I had just got home from a long day of work, tired and was ready to unload this massive turd i had been holding since lunch time. During my mid squeeze, i heard loud knocks on my door and heard yelling of police, panicked and dont know whats going on so i start wiping franticly. since it was mid squeeze, i had to wipe like 6 or 7 times to get my asshole clean while pounding on my door getting louder. Finally finished n no time to wash my hand, i ran straight to the door to see wtf is going on. I open the door and saw 4 or 5 cops had their weapon draw at me... stunned and sweating from pinching, i raised my hand , got cuffed right there right front of my door. I asked the cop whats going on, he told me some guy called them that i was pointing my gun at someone while i was driving. It dawned on me, when i was driving home, some asshole cutted me off so i flipped him off with phone in hand. He thought i was pointing a gun at him so he followed me and called the cops. After about an hour of explains to them i have no weapon, i was just flipping the guy off. they uncuffed me, shakes my unwashed hand and went on their way.

tldr : cops show up while pooping, mistakenly thought i was road raging with a gun but turned out i was only giving the guy the finger, cops shook my unwash pooping hand and left.

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