Police in San Francisco Pride festival gets spray painted in face

The goalposts are firm. The people are in the right. The people of the US don't have a sufficient safety net even if its better than their former emoyment in some cases.

This has literally nothing to do with what was being discussed. It's great you feel so strongly about socialized benefits but flipping the discussion to 'we need socialism' isn't relevant.

I can't tell how serious you're being about this or how much you've thought/looked this through. We passed a massive bill that's going to need to eventually be repayed in order to give Americans these benefits. You can't just keep handing out infinite amounts of money, as nice as it would be as a safety net.

Further, the police are a force payed for by taxpayers with enough funds for armored vehicles and yet they won't wear body cams. They must remember they belong to us.

Well nice that we're back to where we started I guess. And at least this is something I can agree with.

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