Police Scotland; "we monitor social media, any offensive comments will be investigated." Next step - thought crimes.

"malicious communication", eh?

I'm going to read that bit of Orwellian goodness and refrain from political comments about imperialism, tyranny and fascism... and instead question you on your opinions of economics, sorry if it seems a bit bold.

Anyone can answer.

"Separation of Church and state" is a concept both our cultures seem to agree on, but I feel like the UK, generally speaking, has a better handle on things like medicine, and education... social institutions if you will... and how do you feel about corporations, political interests and lobbyists?

What do you have to say about nationalization of resources?

The reason I ask is because you are shitty allies.

Not that you're shitty to us, just that you're shitty too.

Are you happy to remain part of the UK?

What are your thoughts on NATO and the world police effort?

Thoughts on concentrated war efforts in the last 60 years?

What are your thoughts on the Anglo-Iranian oil company, I mean BP?

What are your thoughts on Iraq/Afghanistan?

Libya? South Sudan? Egypt? Syria?

What are your thoughts on socialism?

Does education in Scotland better differentiate between forms of government and socioeconomic policies?

Americans are stupid!

They think nazis were communists, they probably all think Russians are still communists, and they don't think about China because they don't want to admit, post-industrial revolution, that we are a nation built on moving money and not creating exports aside from exploiting finite resources.

(Cuba, Russia, the 70's, all that served was to further our economic dependence upon the government, intentionally or not.)

I think that education and health should be social services, I think that spending two thirds of your life sleeping and working is not a fulfilling lifestyle.

I think that since the agricultural revolution man has been living to work, and not simply working to live.

Wage slavery is real, and tyranny of majority is only an illusion...

At least, in my country.

Thoughts, anyone?

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