Police seize foster-grandmother's car as part of renewed search for William Tyrrell

i am a bit horrified by the exchange and i find it very limiting in a public forum to discuss matters if there is any chance of misinterpretation. But, as you can see, my attempt to correct it wasn't great.

i consider my dms to be private. i hope you could accept this message in the same way. i am a behavioural scientist so i have a psychology degree. i don't share personal details because i am often sharing clinical info. Only reason.

But i do have some experience of sexual assault, blocked memory, PTSD and a decade of self preserving of blocking that out. My experience involved a stranger so i have no idea whether he is standing in front of me at a checkout or at the bank etc. i cannot see his face.

i won't go into any more detail but i do want you to understand this is not a topic i discuss without emotional connection. Or empathy.

I am very passionate about sexual assault and the status of victims and the pathetic way the criminal justice system deals with offenders but most people aren't aware why that is. Has nothing to do with shame and everything to do with my career.

The idea of upsetting someone who is a survivor is horrifying. And i realise i mentioned a case of sexual assault in my original comment. It's a case studied in criminology because it is very clear where it went wrong (the Cotton case, couldn't remember it) and it had everything to do with the way the cops presented info.

Reading your comment made me realise how that looks. i couldn't see it because that wasn't what my intent was.

And i commented to someone else in the thread but i responded to you in my feed so i hadn't read your other comment at all. So i didn't really understand where your first comment came from.

Not very good at short comments. Apologies this is so long but i wanted you to know i get the context and where you were coming from.

But most of all, i was not, in any way trying to discredit your specialist or invalidate, in any way, your experience. And certainly not your strength and power.

Thank you so much for messaging me. Very very much appreciated you afforded me the opportunity to respond. My apologies for any upset i may have caused. Please know it was not intentional.

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