Police woman doesn't want to enforce lockdowns, gives anti-lockdown interview in uniform and quits right after.

Mate one of the commenters on this post literally said they get arrested if they're caught outside after 9pm.

I understand that there's a need to fight the virus as well as it's dangers but forcing citizens into compliance with government mandates is never a good idea. The vaccine mandates are another prime example of the forced compliance that nobody wants

We've been seeing posts on this sub all the time about people who get fired for not vaccinating. Yes, it removes them from the workplace to keep it safe but at the same time it REMOVES A WORKER FROM THE WORKPLACE, something that's been devastating the economy on a global scale since the pandemic started. Last month the United States the job market only grew by 194k jobs out of a projected 315k, because nobody is returning to work. And a lot of these people are protesting work because of government mandates. There are trucker shortages everywhere because of vaccine mandates, despite the fact that truckers sit in a cab by themselves for hours on end.

I'm not against doing what takes to put the pandemic behind us, but there's gotta be a better approach than forced government intervention, because citizens are not going to be willing to comply

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