The policeman is still in the car

But my stereotypes are true and yours are bullshit and varied country by country. Sometimes we were called capitalist, other times communist. Sometimes they said we were too dumb, other times too smart. Sometimes we were peasants, other time cosmopolitans. Anti Semitism is irrational and completely changed as they find new boogeymen for us.

Whereas stereotypes of African migrants are extremely consistent over time and place—more crime, more civil unrest, less education.

Again, you dodged my question. Would it matter if Israel were half Ethiopian? You can see we’re gonna integrate them but be honest with yourself. Every other country that’s tried to integrate Africans (in terms of crime rates, education, etc) has failed. So admit that you think Israel is going to be the only exception when everyone else failed over multiple generations.

I’m not saying it’s race. Maybe it’s just culture. But the point is many countries have tried and failed to integrate Africans and bring their crime rates in line with broader averages, and it’s been wildly unsuccessful all over.

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