Polish government pays over $600 thousand for "Report about persecution of Christians", which is basically a 118 pages long PDF with Facebook memes only

growing up in an English speaking education system I was never taught the European history of ww2. I only learned the bulk of my European WW2 history a few years ago, altho at least I knew that Poland was invaded and occupied before that. I think ww2 history in the Anglosphere is like a fairy tale, it leaves out almost every important lesson of how not to repeat the same mistakes. It's all Churchill and pearl harbor, nothing about how Poland was abandoned by it's allies or famine in the Netherlands for eg. I think this is why there's a comment like the one you replied to, it's why those antivax clowns in America are walking around pretending they're like Jews in ww2. It's sadly ironic seeing so many atheists in the comments behaving exactly like the people they're mocking.

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