Politics Mega Thread

Political polarization is a tool of our corporate elite. If you vote for someone based on their party without knowing anything about them or their positions, then you probably shouldn't be voting. You're basically giving politicians permission to sell you out with impunity as long as they pretend to care about some social issue that you actually care about.

"B-but what about abortion/minorities/veterans/etc? If the other guys get in, they'll [insert hyperbolic doom scenario]".

Wedge issues. Politicians pretend to care about these in the exact amount required to keep them fresh in voter's minds. They don't want them resolved.

You see the same thing time and time again...

  • Mostly-split congress
  • Politician (X) drafts the "Carrot on a Stick Act" that does something you really want without compromise.
  • All representatives from Party X votes for the act. All representatives from Party Y vote against it. Almost straight down the middle.
  • "You guys we can totally get this carrot on a stick if you vote for more Party X"
  • The "Carrot on a Stick Act" is never seen again.

But remarkably they all vote unanimously yes when the "Give Ourselves Raises Act" and "Tax the Middle Class to Increase Surveillance on the Middle Class Act" come to the floor.

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