Poll: British public heavily in favour of burqa ban

It's just like conservatives in America. Give them an inch and they'll take a mile. They selfishly try to enrich their own lives and groups at the expense of all outgroups and they couldn't care less how that affects other people outside their group.

One prime example: instead of going single payer or some similar alternative, Democrats concede to have a market approach for healthcare to try to fix how horrible things were prior to the ACA(even now with all the bitching about healthcare, premium rises from year to year have been much lower than the premium rises year to year prior to ACA and that's a well-documented, objective fact). Republicans will then ask for more concessions. And once they get more concessions, like removing the public option, they ask for more. Until finally, the day comes to vote on the bill, and all the concessions democrats gave to the republicans don't matter because the republicans still voted against the thing 100%. Because they don't give a shit about other people's way. They won't honor/respect the fact that you respectfully honored their concessions. They only want their way. And if you aren't strong enough to stick to your principles, soon you'll be living by their principles because they have no respect for yours. This exactly what's happening with Islam in the west. You can't be respectful of people who won't respect you.

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