POLL: Russian support of Ukraine Conflict.

Do you support Putin's actions in Ukraine? - No, I don't support his lack of actions.

Do you support Ukraine's new western alignment? - Yes, as long as they understand Russia will consider them an adversary.

Do you believe Russia is arming DPR/LPR? - No, Ukraine was the Soviet Unions line of defense in case of a western invasion, they pumped billions worth of arms into Ukraine that ended up in warehouses. Donetsk is Ukraine's second largest city after Kiev, they obviously had military bases to take from and battalions who switch sides.

Do you believe Russians are actively fighting in Ukraine? - Yes, of course. Volunteers. There's also volunteers from Belarus, Serbia, Kazakhstan, France, Spain, etc. It should come as no surprise that ethnic Russians come to help the Russian majority of Ukraine.

Do you believe the reports of Russian soldiers being returned to Russia dead from combat? - No, most of what I've seen is on this topic comes from blogs and focuses on one volunteer in particular. There's no proof of these accusations, that's why I consider it nothing more than speculation.

In general, do you support the foreign policy of Putin? - No, he promised to protect the Russians of Ukraine in case of a civil war, and has yet to come through with that promise. The west is arming Ukrainian government by sending food rations, body armor, and with the latest reports soon with weapons. While the Donetsk people end up fighting with scrap metal that they find and repair.

Do you believe that Ukraine shot down MH17? - Yes, no. Very hard to say. Most people need to realize that shooting down a fighter jet is not the same as shooting down a commercial airliner at 30,000ft. Whether or not the Donetsk local army has the ability to shoot it down, does not change my opinion on the conflict. I consider this a Kiev action to get further support from western hemisphere.

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