Poll: Trump beats Clinton head-to-head

The policies are greater than any candidate will be in an election.

True. And I match stronger with Hillary than I do Trump. But, I'll still vote Trump, because we know what we're going to get with Hillary. She's in the pockets of a lot of unsavory financial backers and they're going to want something in return for their 'investment'. That's why they're financially backing her. On top of that, she also changes her opinion on things as quickly and as easily as the wind blows, so much so that she contradicts herself too often. She's not trustworthy. Trump might not be either, but at least it's a 'maybe' with him, rather than a near guarantee with Hillary.

Polices are not the only things that matter. They're very important, but so is the history and the character of the person. Look at Obama. Promised the world and back, yet we got not even half that. Look at his campaign backers. Look at his political and personal history. And now it makes far more sense when you look at what we got compared to what we thought we were getting.

That's why I like Sanders. I don't agree with all of his ideas, but overall, he's the most trustworthy candidate out of the three and I think that overall he will do a lot of good for the country, based on his personal and political history.

Though that said, he's pretty liberal, so I think we may need to balance it all out with a more conservative president the next time around, if he were elected. Balance between everything is what I think is the most important thing here. It will benefit the most people in the most ways over any given amount of time. But we need someone who is really going to get a lot done right now I think, and so I think Bernie is right for this job at this particular time. He's very motivated, he's known for doing a lot and not backing down.


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