Polyamory network for friendship aimed at those in North East England [NOT a hookup service]

It may be inevitable that people meet and like each other in a poly group, as there will be in LGBT groups, but that definitely is not the focus. The group is private so members are not shown unless a person joins, only admins are viewable. I will vet people before they join though. Other local LGBT groups have closed facebook groups, having run a university one before it didn't end up being a big issue in the past. If it becomes anywhat successful (I'm not expecting more than 20 members to be honest) I'll likely create a second service such as a discord server that is more anonymous, and link it in the group description. I haven't heard of retroshare before. I feel like if it's TOO private or obscure no one will find it or use it, so it's finding the right balance. There is the possibility of turning the group secret, but I think I'll test this out first and see. I recommend people change their activity feed settings, or if they really can't risk it (being kicked out/lives at stake) they don't join until they're in a safe position. Also, I recommend not using your full/real name on facebook and choosing a nickname or something instead.

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