Polygon roasts David Cage mercilessly

You have a very clear stance on what cognizance, identity, and life are, but artificial intelligence muddies the concept of "being alive." But not everyone shares that stance.

"Slavery is bad!" Okay but androids are not human, and thus CAN'T be slaves.

Every piece of android fiction has taught us that they will eventually come to understand and desire something more than servitude, yes. But that's because these stories are literally about the indomitable will of man (thus far the only real example of deep thinking that we know), but that's not 100% how reality would work with artificial intelligence.

It's a dumb fucking political statement to make because we're so far away from AI advanced enough that "is it alive? should it have rights?" would be questions and we have no real way to know how it will behave or what our reactions to it will be.

Of course, this is even assuming that this is ACTUALLY what David Cage is going with. For all we know this could be a claptrap of mashed together villains that make no sense, young girls getting raped for funsies, and offensive caricatures of black men with an overarching theme of "what in the fuck did I just play?"

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